Jem is a very experienced and multi-skilled bodyworker who has been practising for over 27 years. He has trained and qualified in McTimoney Chiropractic, Thai Massage, Spineworks, ITEC Holistic massage, Sports massage, Remedial massage, Osteomyology, Indian Head massage, Psyche-K Reconnective Energy Healing, Reiki and as a Naturopathic Consultant. He  works in a clinic in Ashburton, in Devon & also offers home treatments in that local area of South Devon (and sometimes in the London area too).

Below are some descriptions of the main therapies that Jem offers. Prices are at the bottom of this page.

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Structural Rebalancing

An effective structural treatment, especially for back & neck problems. It realigns and rebalances the skeletal & muscular systems, improves the nervous systems functioning and can also release injury traumas held in the body. This is a remedial & a preventative treatment that uses a combination of McTimoney Chiropractic, Spineworks, Osteomyology & therapeutic massage techniques. (Up to 1 hr)

“I am really impressed with the Structural Rebalancing” – Andrew Deykin
“The Structural Rebalancing was amazing and has really helped” – Sylvia Ciccarelli
Structural Rebalancing in Devon
Massage in Ashburton

Remedial and Relaxation Massage

An oil massage for improving general health, relieving stress and tension and for treating injured, tight, tense or aching muscles. This can be either a deep tissue massage or a more gentle & nurturing massage – the amount of pressure for the massage is up to you. (60 or 90 mins)

Sports Massage

For treating specific muscular injuries and aiding in their faster recovery. Also for improving sport performance and enhancing training programmes. This is a deep, strong massage. It can be booked as a specific Sports massage or Jem can use sports massage techniques during a normal massage if they would be useful for the recovery of a particular set of muscles that have been injured or are particularly tense. (Up to 1hr)

“Really amazing & it certainly helped remove the tensions – you have magic hands Jem” – Laura Crespo

Traditional Thai Massage

An amazing dynamic full body massage, combining acupressure, gentle stretching and applied yoga. This massage is incredibly comprehensive & even transformative. It improves energy levels, vitality, posture, flexibility, general health and well-being. “It’s a bit like having yoga done to you.” Although this is a strong massage, Jem always maintains the pressure within your comfort zone. Jem has been a Thai masseur for over 27 years & trained to an advanced level in Thailand, where he lived for over a year. The massage is done on a futon at floor level & you remain fully clothed throughout (so please wear loose comfortable clothes). (60, 90 or 120 mins)

“Jem’s Thai massage was better than any that I had in Thailand” – Sarah Gully

Thai Foot Massage

This foot & lower leg massage helps to balance the whole body & is deeply relaxing. During this massage the Thai acupressure lines are worked on the lower legs as well as on the base of the feet. The reflexology zones on the base of the foot are massaged as a means of balancing the rest of the body & alleviating stress. (45 minutes)

Thai Massage in Devon with Jem
Scenar Therapy in Devon image

SCENAR Therapy

The SCENAR is a remarkable device developed by Russian doctors & scientists for treating pain, injuries & ailments that their cosmonauts might suffer from whilst out in space. In this way, they have a means of treating themselves without the need for drugs. Now it’s beneficial effects can be experienced by anybody who needs it.

SCENAR is an abbreviation for the Self-Controlled Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulator. It is a small hand-held device which the therapist applies directly to the skin to measure & treat the body. Sometimes described as the Star Trek gadget, it represents one of the most effective modern breakthroughs in healing & pain relief.

SCENAR is recognised as being particularly beneficial in the reduction of pain & inflammation, as well as the improved & accelerated healing of injuries & ailments.

Detox Oil Massage

A relaxing oil massage using specific armatherapy oils that support the lymph system & body to detoxify & cleanse. This massage feels very relaxing & rejuvenating. If you are doing a detox day at home this is the perfect accompaniment to support the process but it can in fact be enjoyed at any time. (60 minutes)

Indian Head Massage

This is a traditional massage for releasing tension from the head & face. Oils are used in the hair & the massage is done whilst being seated. (45 minutes)

“Your massage was brilliant. I released a lot of tension & the oils that you used were lovely” – Harshini Hallands

Relaxation Oil Massage
Energy healing in Devon
Energy Healing

Jem also uses a couple of energy healing systems, either on their own or they can also be combined with other therapies.


A hands-on, energy healing system, which harmonises and rebalances the body, mind and spirit.Jem also can use a system called Reconnective Energy Healing which is a hands-off healing system & helps to mobilise the body’s innate healing system (60 mins)

“My treatments with Jem were great – especially the Reconnective Energy Healing “ – Evie Collins

Devon Massage & Bodywork Prices

£35 for treatments up to 45 mins *

£40 for treatments up to 60 mins *

£55 for treatments up to 90 mins *

Thai Massage:  £45 for 60 mins, £65 for 90 mins, £84 for 120 mins *

* For first treatments please add an extra 15 minutes & £5 charge for an initial consultation.

For home visits basic travel expenses will be added for journeys that are further than a 2 miles radius of Ashburton

London Massage & Bodywork Prices

£65 for treatments up to 60 mins

£85 for treatments up to 90 mins

(+ travel expenses)

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