Personal Detox Coaching

Jem has been running personal detox retreats for individuals & small groups since 2002. Jem will design a detox retreat to meet your needs & then support you through the process in your own home (or place of your choice) There are a number of benefits to approaching your detox in this way, including:

  • privacy & confidentiality
  • one to one support
  • no need to travel
  • you can learn to make juices or simple healthy foods
  • your healthier living experience is easier to integrate into your normal life

Jem can also support people at a distance by skype & phone, if this is more appropriate or necessary.

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Naturopathic Consultations (by phone)

This is a service that Jem provides primarily for his Detox clients. If you have previously worked with him, you may find that continued support can be invaluable, as it allows for Jem to keep giving you advice, suggestions and support even ata distance. Naturopathy consists of traditional, natural healing methods and lifestyle recommendations.

Naturopathic advice and therapies can include Diet and Nutrition, Detoxification techniques, Herbalism, Homeopathy, Massage, Iridology, Bach Flower Remedies, Ear Acupuncture. Naturopathy is based on the principles of: supporting the bodies natural innate healing ability; healing the cause and not the symptoms; treating the whole person; doing no harm; educating people to empower and enable them to take responsibilty for their own health. It also holds that “prevention is better than cure”, which is another aspect of the education process that happens in Naturopathy.

Naturopathic sessions with Jem are done on the phone, after you have filled out and returned by post, an in depth questionnaire, detailing your present health conditions. These consultations are primarily reserved for clients who have done detox retreats with him before. Consultations generally last for up to an hour.

Naturopathic Phone Consultation Prices: £85 First Consultation £60 Follow Up Consultations

To book appointments: 07905-696489 or email: balancedpath email