What is Structural Rebalancing?

It is a system that supports your body to heal and rebalance itself through the application of gentle manipulation techniques, remedial massage techniques and trauma point releases. It sometimes also includes being given exercises to do at home that will support faster recovery.

The focus of this treatment is on the skeletal system, the muscular system and the nervous system. It aims to help people become more physically balanced with less stress and muscular tension that may be causing pain, discomfort or inability to move normally.

Jem developed this system through training in various therapeutic healing systems including McTimoney Chiropractic, Spineworks, Osteomyology, sports massage and various other forms of massage. In this way he is able to use specific techniques from any of these disciplines as they are most appropriate for the particular person that he is treating.

Spine image for structural rebalancing

“I found the Structural Rebalancing very helpful, as well as the exercises you gave me to strengthen my body” – Hannah

“The Structural Rebalancing was definitely required – I have less back discomfort now.” – Bridget Valler

“The Structural Rebalancing has definitely made me feel straighter and taller” – Sam Goodchild

“The Structural Rebalancing was amazing and has really helped” – Sylvia Ciccarelli

“I am really impressed with the Structural Rebalancing” – Andrew Deykin


Trigger point therapy in Structural Rebalancing

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What is Structural Rebalancing Good For?

Structural rebalancing has been found very useful by previous clients for helping with conditions such as:

  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Whiplash
  • Muscle tension due to Scoliosis
  • General muscular tension
  • Bad postural habits
  • Structural misalignment due to falls & accidents