Bodywork and Massage with Jem Friar in Ashburton, Devon

Jem Friar is an excellent bodyworker, trained in many types of massage and therapeutic structural rebalancing techniques that are designed to support you to recover from chronic pain and injuries, as well as rediscover the natural energy and vitality, that should be your daily experience. Jem has been practising bodywork for over 27 years. He has even appeared in a couple of TV series which have showcased his bodywork skills.

“Jem, many thanks for your treatments – they were incredible” – Sophia Cobbs
“The treatment wasn’t ‘just a massage’ it was a breakthrough for a healthy future!” – Victoria Serene Towers
“You have such a variety of treatments, each one so very good, that I think that you are probably magic – how can one person know and perfect so much?!” – Frances Carver

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“My approach to supporting people is holistic in nature – we go out of balance on many different levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, etc), so it only makes sense that we will need to rebalance ourselves on many different levels too” – Jem
Jem has trained and qualified in Naturopathy, Osteomyology, McTimoney Chiropractic, Thai Massage, Spineworks, ITEC Holistic massage, Sports massage, Remedial massage, Indian Head massage, Psych-K, Reconnective Energy Healing and Reiki. He now lives and works in Ashburton, Devon where he provides these treatments. Have a look at the Bodywork section to discover which treatments Jem offers, what they are great for and how they might be useful for you.

“Jem is sensitive & has so much experience that I felt very safe in his hands. The treatment I received addressed many different levels of health imbalance & has left me feeling significantly different. He imparts his knowledge generously. encouraging health empowerment rather than dependency on alternative therapies – this is something that I greatly appreciate. Not only do I get to rest in the hands of an experienced healer but I am also taught valuable knowledge by a trustworthy teacher” – Yasmin Kay (Yoga teacher)

“Your massages are so good that I do not know how I will survive without them” – Christine Doppelt
“Wow! Your Thai massage blew me away! Thank you!!” – Ali Gowans 
“Your Thai Massage was incredible!” – Nina Fowkes 
“The Thai Massage was exceptionally powerful. I have energy glowing around my body like a dynamo now.” – James Longtow

Want to Know if Jem can help you?       Free 10 Minute Phone Consultation

Thai Massage in Devon

Detox Retreats and Support

Jem is also trained as a Naturopathic Consultant and is well known internationally for his work as the Personal Detox Coach.

When not in Ashburton, Jem specialises in running detox retreats where he teaches nutrition, yoga, chi gung & meditation. He is the co-founder of Vitality Detox Retreats in the UK and also works with Detox International in Spain. His Personal Detox Coaching work takes him around the world. Have a look at the Detox page for more information.

“Jem is incredibly balanced, warm, calm, sincere, focussed and conscientious” – Jeddah Mali

Healthy Living Books and Inspirations

More recently, Jem has become an author writing books about health, well being and living a Balanced Life… Find out more on the books and CDs page.